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In the city of Cali it is possible to estimate buildings have been declared historical patrimony, such as chapels with colonial styles (Chapel of San Antonio, La Merced) and entire neighborhoods with the same characteristics, which turn out to be a great attraction for theirs visitors.

Likewise it is possible to enjoy in this tour, monuments that tells the history of the city, as the Sebastián de Belalcazar´s monument and some others.

The page of Alcaldía de Santiago de Cali offers a detailed list of these tourist places.

  Capilla de San Antonio
      Sebastián de Belalcazar
Zoológico de Cali  

The fair of Cali is one of the major attractions of the city; during December, thousands of people come to this event that has turned into an international fest.

You can visit to places as the Zoo of Cali, catalogued as one of the best in south américa, and the Museum of the Gold of the Bank of the Republic.

Definitively, in the city of Cali, there is much for doing! Do it lodging at the Champagnat Hotel.

Feria de Cali
Banco de la República - Museo del oro -  
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